1st Post - Let's Give This a Try

Let's give this a try. That just about sums it up perfectly.

Three partners - Mary, Dave, and Chris - joined forces to by the property formerly known as the Inn on the Water in late June 2015.  "Squamish needs a hostel", we thought. "It's an awesome place with tons of fun sh%$ to do, but right now it's not easy or affordable for people to discover." 

Though none of us has run a hostel before, we jumped on the opportunity to buy what we think is the perfect place to introduce the world to Squamish's adventures. Let's give this a try.

Over the past four months or so we've been dealing with all sorts of interesting questions, concerns, and misadventures in getting the place ready by our target opening date of spring 2016. From our hot water tank falling apart the day before the arrival of our first ever "test guests" for Squamish Live to disappearing trees to bears, we've been through quite a bit already. "Why not share our progress?", we thought. Do a blog. Maybe someone smarter than us will read it and give some tips to our sorry a$%es. And if we get too busy (i.e. lazy) to do posts, nobody's gonna care anyways. Let's give this a try.