The Bear, The Myth, The Logo: Meet Squief


I’m Squief. I’m a bear. I’m not fond of writing and with my paws it’s almost impossible to type, but my bosses at the Squamish Adventure Inn told me I have to write a blog post to introduce myself, so here it is. Bear with me.

Like I said my name is Squief. My (literally) tree-hugging parents made the name up by combining “Squamish”, the city I grew up around, with “Chief”, the mountain I was born on. They apparently didn’t’ realize that if you remove the S from my name it means something entirely different. It’s un-bear-able.

My favorite things to do are fish, go for walks, eat bear-ies, and drink local beer by the bear-ril. I don’t do human adventure sports Squamish is famous for, like climb, kite-surf or bike. I rode a bike once, some agent saw me, sucked into the circus, and the next few years became an em-bear-assing and nightmarish haze. Clowns terrify me. I bear-ly escaped with my life, let alone my dignity. 

I got my job here at the Squamish Adventure Inn when I met the owners during the logo photo shoot. Yep, that’s me on the logo. For you NBA fans, that means I’m the Jerry West of the Squastel! (Speaking of NBA, quick trivia: my dad was THE Vancouver Grizzly.) The owners were looking for some help with security as well as someone who knew the area to help organize guest activities. Thanks in large part to a government-funded affirmative action hiring incentive program I got the job. I’ve been so happy with the job so far that I can bear-ly contain myself. It’s way better than dumpster diving or standing on the highway selling A&W burgers!

Speaking of my job, I have to go build some beds with my bear hands. I’m bear-y excited to see you soon here at the Squamish Adventure Inn.



PS: I just got a Facebook account. Since most of my childhood buddies don't have computers, I'd appreciate if you added me as your friend.