Moving to Squamish? Start with the Squamish Adventure Inn

Moving to Squamish Can Be Stressful

Are you looking to join the mass migration to the outdoor adventure mecca of Canada? Congratulations! You won't regret it.

moving to squamish

But don't expect it to be easy to find a place to live.

Vacancy rates are as low as the chance of a sunny day in the fall, so finding any place to stay, let along the "perfect" place, can be a challenge. No matter how friendly Squamish is and how awesome life is in the area, this can make the transition stressful. 

So make it less stressful! While looking for a permanent home, make the Squamish Adventure Inn your temporary home

With an excellent location, affordable rates, convenient amenities, flexible dates, and a friendly vibe, it's a great way to transition into a new life in Squamish.

Affordable Rates

In the off-season (October through May), you can enjoy affordable long-term rates at the Squamish Adventure Inn.  

Stay for week while only paying for 5 nights, which means a week in a dorm is a little as $150. Or stay for a month or more for rates are as cheap as $650/month for a bed in a dorm, $875/month for a private room with a shared washroom, and $1100/month for a private room with an ensuite washroom. 

Aside from camping or sleeping in your car, you'll be hard-pressed to find a cheaper temporary home when moving to Squamish. 

Flexible Stays

Don't risk paying double rent.

What if you find the perfect place and can move in immediately but you've already paid in advance the next month at your temporary dive? At the Squamish Adventure Inn you won't have to worry about that. If you need to leave early, you will only be charged for the nights you stay. 

Convenient Amenities

Unlike hotels, when staying at the Squamish Adventure Inn you can save on the cost of eating out by taking advantage of our fully equipped kitchen. Also, parking is free on-site and you can rent secure storage space for your sporting goods and other precious possessions. And you'll be able to relax in our lounge and TV room, or, when it's nice out, on our waterside patios with scenic views of the Stawamus Chief and surrounding mountains. 

Potluck dinner. 

Potluck dinner. 

It's not the finest luxury, but you'll have what you'll need. You don't want to get too comfortable anyways right?

Central Location

The Squamish Adventure Inn is a convenient base to get to know the city from. You will be only a five minute walk to downtown's supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, right off the highway, adjacent to nature paths, and in at the heart of all the outdoor adventure opportunities Squamish provides. 

Social Atmosphere

You won't be lonely staying at the Squamish Adventure Inn thanks to our fantastic and friendly staff and the opportunities you'll have to meet other guests. And to encourage a social atmosphere we organize regular social events like group hikes and movie nights.  

Very likely there will be others like you looking for a permanent home in Squamish too. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet your future roommate!


We look forward to helping welcome you into the Squamish community. Contact us to get all the details on rates and availability or simply drop by anytime to check the place out and say hi.