The Team


Jess, the fearless leader, is the brains behind the operation. She brings order, calm, and friendliness to what would otherwise be chaos. Originally from Ontario, she came to her senses and moved to Squamish years ago and now has her tentacles spread into various businesses in the area. Sorry gents, she's taken.  



The first documented sighting of Emmie was on Manitoulin Island, ON. We have since received reports from all across Nothern and Southern Ontario and Alberta. Most recently an eye witness reported Emmie chillin' with the Sasquatch on the Cheif, but this has yet to be substantiated.

Scientists have spent many tireless years studying Emmie's abondoned nests all across Canada. Through their research they have been able to deduce that Emmie enjoys the following; Buffy The Vampire Slayer, plants, providing belly rubs to small animals, and going to shows.

If spotted, please direct your complaint to the National UFO Reporting Centre.


Originally from White Rock, BC, Emily left Canada to travel when she was 19. She has since visited over 50 countries and worked in 12! Emily loves to travel, cook, do yoga, learn languages (she speaks intermediate French, Italian, and beginner Spanish), and generally learning everyday from the people and environments around her. She's been living in Squamish since September, loving the chance to experience the outdoor adventures and welcome people from all over the world to our beautiful town!



Here's our Estonian delight, Epp. After spending 2 years with the Kangaroos and Koalas in Australia she traded in the beach for the mountains. After spending almost a year with us she's back for more, always up for a new adventure or experience. She also lived in England for 11 years so please beware of the sarcasm.




Rich is our British-invasion head housekeeper and maintenance man extraordinaire. He spends most of his free time exploring the wilderness taking beautiful photos. 




Odin, our head of security, is a dog. He can often be found hanging out in the office because he is not allowed in the hostel. He enjoys sticks, biting flying snow, and walks. Odin is single. 





Squief is our employee #1, top model, and the bear behind the Squamish Adventure Inn's logo. He's a bear. You'll see him lying around the hostel not helping. Read more about Squief on his blog post or at his Facebook page