Meet Whistler's Little Sister

Hey buddy!

You know Whistler right?

I mean, how couldn’t you? She’s super popular, active, beautiful, and cultured. She’s on magazine covers and even went to the Olympics for chrissakes.

Everybody knows Whistler.

But have you seen Whistler's sister lately?!

Remember that skinny little girl we’d see playing on her bike on the road to Whistler’s house?

Well she’s grown up now. And she’s looking good!

She’s one of those natural beauties who doesn’t seem to realize what she has. Like her sister Whistler she has the whole package, but she doesn’t dress it up. But if she decided to … watch out! Selfishly speaking, let’s hope she doesn’t.

Sure, she’s still a bit rough around the edges. At times she can be a bit blustery and she’s not as outgoing as Whistler. You have to make a bit of effort to really get to know her, but believe me it’s worth it. It’s actually part of her charm.

And if you thought Whistler was adventurous, her sister takes it to a whole new level. While Whistler takes gondolas up mountains, this chick climbs up… then jumps off in a squirrel suit. She’s into every water and mountain sport you can think of. She’s crazy.

Outside of sports though, she’s real low-key. While Whistler’s more into going to spas and getting steak dinners, her sister prefers yoga followed by beer and BBQ (usually vegetarian) with friends.

You won’t see her staying in any of the swanky hotels her sister prefers either. She’s more into camping, with the odd splurge to stay in a hostel. Actually, come to think of it, I heard she just moved out of Whistler’s chalet and is now living out of her van.

And no she’s not a hippie. She’s just unpretentious. Don't worry, she showers daily.

Don’t get me wrong, Whistler’s awesome too. She’s super fun to party with and always has something going on. I’m just suggesting you give her little sister a closer look. She’s not for everyone, but I think you and her would hit it off.

What’s her name? Oh yeah. I forgot that little detail. It's funky:

Her name is Squamish.

Give her a call sometime. I told her all about you and she’s eager to meet you. Here’s her number.