It's a Sign!

Replacing a sign. 

It's not something you'd generally think about.  The old Inn on the Water sign, a staple on Hwy 99 for years, would have to be changed.  The temporary banner we'd covered it with 8 months ago had served its purpose. Now that we had (finally) decided on a name and logo for the hostel, it was time to change the sign permanently.

Unfortunately, some phone calls later and we learned that a sign this large (6' x 12'!) could not be dealt with locally. Apparently we would have to hire one of the large specialty sign companies in Vancouver to replace it. A few more calls and it became clear that the cost would be considerable. 

It turns out that sign companies, BIG sign companies, have a bit of a monopoly on signs this large. We were told very clearly that if we weren't willing to pay the exorbitant prices they quoted then “good luck” to us. Take it our leave it, they called the shots.  They wouldn't work with any local businesses and the work would happen when it was convenient to them (although we would of course have to pay for their trucks and workers to come up to Squamish and make ourselves available when needed). Their overconfidence that we had no other options, and would eventually give in, was frustrating to say the least.

The thought of giving this company our business was distasteful so, always eager to take on a challenge, we became determined to figure out an alternative solution, stay local (where businesses still care), and do things ourselves if required.

We won't get into the gritty details but it was not an easy job.  It's with much thanks to Adam and the team at Century Signs, as well as Mark, Wade and Nick from Alta Lake Electric, that the job was completed. Thanks to them, our sign will be blinding your sensitive night vision for years to come. (Sorry about that – didn't know how bright it would be until the light bulbs were replaced!)  It took a lot of elbow grease and some acrobatics at about 35' above ground but we're very happy with the outcome and Squief the Bear loves his new home.

More importantly, everyone who worked on this was incredibly helpful, friendly, and competent throughout the entire process and we're so happy we stayed local. It's just another example of how amazing this town is and we're happy to call it home. 

On that note, in order to introduce ourselves to the community we're having an open house on March 12th from 12-4pm.  Everyone is welcome so please drop in after you've visited the farmers market and see what we've been up to!

The team at Squamish Adventure Inn (aka The Squastel)